Promotional clothing glossary

A – Anti – Pill Finish

A treatment which reduces the formation of little balls/pills on a synthetic fabric’s surface due to abrasion during wear.

B – BOUDED(Fabric)

2 layers of fabric joined together using an adhesive or chemical process.

C – Colour-fastness

The resistance to colour change or fading caused by sunlight, washing or wearing

D – Drop Tail

A garment with a longer back section than front. In shirting terms this ensures it stays tucked in when required, though often used in T-shirts etc. As styling point only

E – End-on-End

A type of woven fabric with alternating dark and light threads resulting in subtle colour interest.

F – Flatlock / Flat stitch

A type of stitch that covers & joins the edges of 2 fabrics when butted together to form a flat seam. Can also be used as decorative top stitching

G – Garment Washing

A treatment given to a garment or fabric to further change or modify the appearance (e.g. stone washing), increase softness or to minimise shrinkage.

H – Herringbone

A type of twill design typically in woven fabrics and recognisable by the distinctive zigzag or chevron pattern

I – Interlock knit

A soft and stretchy double-jersey, knitted fabric featuring same, smooth appearance on both sides.

K – Kangaroo Pocket

A patch-style pocket on lower front of garment; usually found on hoodies.

 L – Locker Patch

A semi-circular panel sewn into the inside back neck of a garment, just under the collar seam, to reinforce the garment and minimize stretching.

M – Microfibre

A particularly fine synthetic fibre often used in knitted or woven fabric to create softness.

N – Nap

A fuzzy, fur-like feel created when fibre ends extend form the basic fabric structure to the fabric surface. The fabric can be napped on one or both sides.

O – Organic Cotton

Non genetically-modified (GM) cotton grown without the use of synthetic or toxic pesticides and fertilisers

P – Pigment Dye

A Colouration process that results in a weathered /washed out look

R – Raglan

A type of sleeve where the seam reaches diagonally from collarbone to underarm

S – Slub

Yarn that has been specially spun to have thicker sections, resulting in an uneven textured fabric

T – Taped Back Neck

Tape attached over the neck seam to give a smooth and comfortable finish

W – Wicking

The ability of a fibre or a fabric to disperse moisture and allow it to pass through to the surface, so that evaporation can take place

Y – Yarn-Dyed

A term used when yarn is dyed prior to the weaving or knitting of the garment